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EXERCISE: The power of attitude: How appreciation can lift up your team performance

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Step 1: Reflect on your own inner attitude.

Ask yourself: Out of which motivation am I doing my job right now? There is no right or wrong answer and no one needs to know this except you at the moment.

Your answer might be:

- “I want to develop my career.”

- “I want to reach the next salary level.”

- “I want to drive change in the role that I incorporate.”

- “I want other to respect and appreciate me.”

- “I want financial stability.”

- “I want to serve others.”

- …

Don’t judge or interpret this answer here!

Step 2: Define beneficial areas of your inner attitude

If you are not happy with your inner attitude right now, ask yourself:

- What am I lacking right now in my inner attitude?

- How do I want to position myself towards my job?

- What would need to change?

- What is beneficial right now about my inner attitude? Do I need to change it completely of can I also just add another attitude?

There is no all or nothing principle here, so please do not be hard to yourself and rather ask what areas can be changed or can be added here.

Step 3: Practice appreciation towards yourself and other

Use anchor moments to practice and train appreciation. This can be, every morning before your first meeting or after lunch. Try to use this anchor every day for seven days to see your personal results.

Close your eyes for a moment, take three deep breaths and ask yourself:

- What do I like about me?

What inspires me of myself?

- What do I want to learn?


Ask the same questions yourself before every meeting with another person

Close your eyes and focus on your heart area.

Repeat the sentences:

“I fully accept and appreciate myself and you.”

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