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Laura Weil, Founder of Monday Morning Growth, Neurscience Expert


We are spending most of our energy and hours of the day at work. The time, relationships and experiences heavily shape who we are and how we feel.

Afterwards, most people feel that they need to recover from work in their free time.

Why do we still need that? 

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Why can't work help us to recharge and perform at the same time while we are growing personally?

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My personal journey of self-reflection, development and leadership started in 2016 with my first coaching education. I learned the first tools to develop myself and to understand the dynamics of situations and relationships.

My further education in neuroscience and organizational psychology helped me to combine the behavioral part with how our brain works and what kind of biological processes naturally happen.

When I applied my learnings personally in my leadership and teamwork, I saw so much potential on efficiency and satisfaction if everyone is educated in self-reflection and self-leadership. 

Over the last years, I saw many people taking coaching classes to learn those tools and the trend is increasing.

So what would happen, if we all are trained on how to understand and use our brain and behavior in a way to recharge, nurture partnerships and relationships and grow personally? 

I think a lot. We would enjoy and perform better at work, would create healthy and sustainable partnerships and relationships with our peers and could grow as an organization way better.

We would create a good culture. 

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Let's create a nurturing work culture!

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