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Immediate Stress Reduction

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Step 1: Take a break

  • 5x5 Rule: Plan actively 5 times 5 minutes per day for your break

Step 2: Change perspective

  • Change the scenery, i.e. go for a quick walk around the block

  • Search and focus on something really nice that makes you a good feeling

Step 3: Use your breath

  • 10x Let Go Breathing

  • With every inhale you repeat the word "let"

  • With every exhale you repeat the word "go"

Step 4: Set your focus

  • With closed eyes, ask yourself again what is important right now for you

  • Then ask yourself what is important for your work at the moment

  • Continue asking yourself what do you need to fulfil what you need to do

  • Note whatever comes into your mind in this small meditation

  • Bring your focus on your needs and plan some time and space today to fulfil your needs

  • Set priorities to fulfil your needs first

Step 5: Activate your body

  • Eye, Ears, Head Massage

  • Body Tapping: Tap from your feet to your head your whole body to activate your energy again

  • (Optional) 5 min dancing / body movements

Don't stress. Do your best. Forget the rest.

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