Monday Mornings
are for Winning Teams

Build a strong cultural backbone to accelerate the business growth without time-consuming trainings


Monday Morning Growth is the neuroscientific habit for creating a cultural backbone that transform your star-player into winning teams

Create a growth (mindset) culture with neuroscience and self-management tools

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Enhanced team cohesion

Faster stress


Better focus and motivation

Optimized productivity



Optimized time


Enhanced empathic leadership








Transform working habits into growth habits

Your teams will transform hard work into smart work in only 30 minutes every Monday Morning 

"Motivation gets you going, discipline keeps you growing."

John C. Maxwell

Designed to cultivate the growth (mindset) habit in your culture

3 reasons why Monday Morning Growth creates successful working cultures

Online Workshop


  • ⅓ of most teams use those time- and location-independent apps and platforms for learning. This limited commitment can not create transformation. 

  • Thus, Monday Morning Growth has one rule: Everyone joins 30 minutes every Monday Morning to train the growth habit. 

  • This continuity enables teams to create transformation through habits.

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  • Every session includes nudges of neuroscientific insights and tools that not just create an "Aha"-moment but also easy and applicable tools for teams.

  • Easy application into everyone's schedule to learn and practice growth step-by-step.

  • Team sessions enable group-wide learning.

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Team Momentum

  • Some employees already know personal development tools or are strongly developed. However, when they stay alone, most of them are shy in practising tools in the team. 

  • Monday Morning Growth creates a team momentum that lifts up the effectiveness of the habit. 

Start the growth habit journey in your team 

Cultivate a self-running growth culture in six month

Artikel & Meditationen

Neben meinem Buch halte ich Erfahrungen, spannende Tipps und Methoden gerne fest und teile sie. Hier findest du Artikel, von mir geführte Meditationen und Videos auf Englisch und Deutsch zu Themen rund um Zufriedenheit bei der Arbeit, Sinnerfüllung und persönlicher Entwicklung. Viel Spaß!

Sign up your team to transform your working habits into growth habits!

Laura Lilli Weil

Neuroscience Expert, Organizational Psychologist & Business Coach

6+ years experience in Organisational Psychology

6+ years experience in Digital Transformation,
Cultural Change and Entrepreneurship

  • MSc Business and Organisational Psychology

  • 200h Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

  • ROMPC® Coach

  • Free the limbic® Business Consultant

  • BSc General Management

Neuroscience & Self-management @Work Blog 


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