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Six Principles of 
Authentic Leadership

Self-management and communicative competence for future leaders

Develop your own effective leadership style. Find stability and authenticity in agile and fast environments.

This training supports young and future leaders who want to find an authentic, value-oriented and flexible management approach that corresponds to their own resources and needs.

To do this, you need security in your role, a good feedback culture and stress tolerance when dealing with yourself and others. In this training you will get to know your inner attitude and influence, in order to set your own positions more clearly and to lead your counterpart creatively.

This training places particular emphasis on your own personal identification with your leadership role. 

"Authentic leadership is the full expression of the 'I' for the benefit of the 'we'."

Henna Inam

Six Principles of Authentic Leadership
developed by ROMPC®

Self-acceptance before self-efficacy

Module 1:

"My stress, my brain under stress, my body and the whole thing is ME"


The neurobiological tool for self-discovery and self-acceptance

Ambivalence tolerance before decision-making power

Module 4:

“Do I know myself well enough? Bringing my various needs and demands into balance and planning and acting openly.”


Tetralemma of tolerance of ambivalence

Pacing before

Module 2:

"How do I want to be understood - and what conditions do I create for it?"


4 pillars of advice and leadership

Ease before expression

Module 5:

"In retrospect, so much is clear to me, why did I react that way?"


Regression phenomena in conflict and change

Relationship before delegation

Module 3:

"Because I don't want to be a lone fighter, I want to help shape the relationship level competently."


8 Relationship needs in communication and leadership

Inner attitude before behavior

Module 6:

"How can I successfully protect myself from taking something too personally?"


Inner team and the ritual: close the open door.

Berlin Fernsehturm

Dates, location & prices


  • Module 1: September 24-26, 2021

  • Module 2: October 22-24, 2021

  • Module 3: November 19-21, 2021

  • Module 4: December 10-12, 2021

  • Module 5: January 14-16, 2022

  • Module 6: February 18-20, 2022

Fridays from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sundays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Training language: German


  • 10% Early Bird until July 31st

  • 2990 € (incl. VAT) for all modules

  • For participation in the final examination plus 490 € (incl. VAT)

  • 250 € per 90-minute 1:1 coaching

Place: The training takes place on the weekends over six months in the center of Berlin.

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Your Trainer & Coaches


Laura Lilli Weil

is an organizational psychologist, business coach and drives the digital transformation of companies. With her focus on authentic leadership, she makes companies fit for the working world of the future.

Laura has been active in the family business since a young age and focuses her training approach on neuroscientific tools for self-management and personal development.


  • MSc Business and Organizational Psychology

  • 200h yoga & meditation teacher training

  • ROMPC® Coach

  • Free the limbic® Business Consultant

  • BSc General Management


Martina Erfurt-Weil

has been working as a psychotherapist and coach for more than 30 years and has supported hundreds of clients in change processes. With her resource-oriented and systemic approach, she enables clients to perceive and position themselves in the dynamics of companies and groups.


  • Free the limbic Business Coach

  • European Certified Psychotherapist

  • Supervisor

  • Systemic Therapist

  • ROMPC® Trainer

  • Co-Founder ROMPC® Institute Kassel and the method ROMPC® 

"We cannot become what we want by staying what we are."

John C. Maxwell

The training enables a sustainable learning experience with training and coaching elements:

  • Six weekends with two trainers

  • Coaching tools and self-reflection

  • Supervision and training

  • Growth process analysis

  • Exchange in a small, trusting group

  • (Optional) certified final exam for "Authentic Leader - approved by ROMPC®"

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