Hi, I am Laura.

I am thrilled to offer you all of my collected and practiced insights and tools in my Monday Morning Growth Format. These have helped me a lot to grow in my personality and to develop teams.

I have been practicing these psychological and neurobiological concepts in my work in companies for seven years.

I had the opportunity to get access to these topics very early in my life, as my parents developed the very effective ROMPC® method in our family-run coaching institute, which offers a resource-oriented basis for my work.

I have worked in various demanding industries such as start-ups, consulting and corporate innovation - it was crucial for me to know myself and my resources well and to use them optimally in order to achieve the best possible performance.

The tools I am sharing with you here have helped me a lot in accepting myself and gently and positively accessing my own strengths and resources to build my confidence and energy to achieve my goals.

Monday Morning Growth embodies all of that.

In my own work I have often experienced that it is very difficult to put what I have learned into practice.

Because of the usual situation: In my head it is very clear, but how do I actually do it in stressful situations in my own way?


Monday Morning Growth is the format that does just that. Through routine habits, neuroscientific inputs and direct experience, personality development is built into everyday life - step by step. This is how everyone develops personally and in the team. The Monday Morning Growth momentum allows to successfully go through changes, high demands and to achieve ambitious goals in the team much more efficiently.


Curious and want to find out more about Monday Morning Growth?

Then just reach out. I am pleased to talk to you!

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